What is Walk In Yorkshire?

So what is Walk In Yorkshire then? First of all it’s not a website where you will find descriptions of my latest walks but rather it’s a blog/website where you will find all sorts of information not only about walking in Yorkshire but also about anything that makes this beautiful county so distinctive. However I believe that the best way to discover a place is by walking. So yes, there is a lot about walking but not only that.

What I will try to do is review as many walking-related subjects as possible and give you the opportunity to comment on them too. I will start with self-guided walk websites and hope to give you a good picture of almost all the websites which feature self-guided walks in Yorkshire – I know it’s a vast subject and it will take me some time! I have another passion which is beer and I find that walking and beer go together very well – start and/or finish a walk in a pub with a nice real ale is really comforting. So I will share my experience about this too and what you can find online on that subject.

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