Walking Route Planner Websites

Methodology used to compare the walking route planner websites

On this page I will attempt to compare and review as many walking route planner websites as possible which have to contain some self-guided walks located in Yorkshire. There are more and more walking websites out there and it can be really confusing. Can you really trust the information posted? You wouldn’t like to get lost on a walk, would you?

To review the walking route planner websites, the criteria I use are as follows:

    • Ease of use and appearance
    • Search facilities (postcodes, location, area listing)
    • Quality of walk descriptions (directions + local interests on the route)
    • Grading system for the walks (difficulty levels or accessibility)
    • Mapping of routes

Other features I comment on but don’t use in the rating:

    • If it is free or fee based
    • If there are GPS waypoints or Apps for smartphones
    • If there are any photographs or videos of the routes
    • Other info available along the route such as refreshments and toilets
    • If it is a community based website

Just click on the title of each website for a full review – I am still working on some of them though. Note: if you know a blog or website that you’d like to add to this walking route planner list, please let me know by leaving a comment and I will see if I can add a review about it.

List of walking route planner websites – reviewed


Website: www.walk4life.info Synopsis: A nationwide user generated walking route planner website backed by the Change4Life programme with thousands of walks available and giving you the opportunity to use 1/25000 O.S Explorer Maps for free! Reviewed on 2nd November 2011, updated on 18 February 2012

Ease of use / appearance Search facilities Walk descriptions Grading system Route mapping
 4/4 4/4  2/4 2.5/4  4/4

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The Walking Englishman

Website: www.walkingenglishman.com Synopsis: A walking website reflecting the experience of one man, Mike Brockurst on hundreds of walks mainly located in North of England (Yorkshire Dales, Lake District or Peak District) Reviewed on 5th November 2011

Ease of use / appearance Search facilities Walk descriptions Grading system  Route Mapping
2/4  1.5/4  4/4 3.5/4  4/4

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Website: www.go4awalk.com Synopsis: This website has thousands of walks available and all sorts of info about walking. Part of its content is not free though. Reviewed on 12th November 2011

Ease of use / appearance Search facilities Walk descriptions Grading system Route mapping
2.5/4 3.5/4 3/4 3.5/4 3/4

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Memory-Map® Trailzilla

Website: www.trailzilla.com Synopsis: TrailZilla is the online walking route planner and sharing website created and owned by Memory-Map® Europe. Reviewed on 13th December 2011

Ease of use / appearance Search facilities Walk descriptions Grading system Route Mapping
 3.5/4 4/4  3.5/4 3.5/4  3.5/4

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Website: www.ifootpath.com Synopsis: a walking route planner website using an app for smartphones at its core. Reviewed on 4th March 2012

Ease of use / appearance Search facilities Walk descriptions Grading system Route Mapping
 3/4 3/4  4/4 3.5/4  2/4

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Walking Britain

Website: www.walkingbritain.com Synopsis: There are thousands of walks available on this website “dedicated to the footpaths that cross the landscape” Reviewed on 23rd April 2012

Ease of use / appearance Searching facilities Walk descriptions Grading system Mapped routes
2/4 3.5/4 3/4  4/4 2/4

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Website: www.walkit.com Synopsis: The UK urban walking route planner featuring most of the the big cities including Leeds and Sheffield in Yorkshire Reviewed on 28th May 2012

Ease of use / appearance Searching facilities Walk descriptions Grading system Mapped routes
3.5/4 3/4 4/4  2/4 3.5/4

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South Pennines – Walk Cycle Ride

Website: www.walkridesouthpennines.co.uk Synopsis: This site is not just about walking in South Pennines it’s also about cycling, mountain biking and horse riding. You will find routes for all ages and abilities, from a quiet stroll along the canal towpath, to a strenuous hike in the moors. Reviewed on 19th August 2012

Ease of use / appearance Search facilities Walk descriptions Grading system Mapped routes
3.5/4 1/4 2.5/4  4/4 3/4

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Walks & Walking Routes

Website: www.walking-routes.co.uk Synopsis: A catalogue website with “100’s of links to 1000’s of walks” Review: pending

Walks around Britain

Website: www.walksaroundbritain.co.uk Synopsis: Walking website featuring videos walks. Review: pending

Nature Valley Free Walks

Website: www.naturevalley.co.uk/#/Over_2000_Free_Walks Synopsis: A sponsored website selling its products and promoting walking at the same time Review: pending


Website: www.sustrans.org.uk Synopsis: Although mostly dedicated to cycling, the organisation also promotes walking and wants cycling paths to be shared with pedestrians. Features self-guided routes. Review: pending

Walking In Yorkshire (Part of Walking In England portal)

Website: www.walkinginyorkshire.co.uk Synopsis: A catalogue website which actually directs you to the relevant route pages of other websites Review: pending

Ramblers – Get Walking, Keep Walking

Website: www.getwalking.org Synopsis: This is the Ramblers’ own version of a website giving people the chance to get healthier by walking. It’s part of the Change4Life campaign and uses the Walk4Life brand. There are currently 6 places in Britain involved in this programme including Sheffield in Yorkshire and they all include self-guided walks. Review: pending

Where to Walkies

Website: www.wheretowalkies.co.uk Synopsis: a fun new walking website for dog owners who like to walk with them but don’t really know where to go. Coming to Yorkshire very soon! Review: pending

Dog Walks Yorkshire

Website: www.dogwalksyorkshire.com Synopsis: A bit like the website above but dedicated to Yorkshire dog lovers who like to walk too! Review: pending


Website: www.happyhiker.co.uk Synopsis: a website built by a Yorkshireman who’s been walking for more than 50 years and started recording his walks online back in 2011. There’s already a big list of them and much more to be published. Review: pending

Social Hiking – Share Your Adventure

Website: www.shareyouradventure.com Synopsis: a website built around the social media to share all sorts of great outdoor adventures live (or afterwards) with your friends and followers. Review: pending

Lone Walker

Website: www.lonewalker.net Synopsis: a website which is a walking diary full of hints and walks done by its author Stuart Greig. Part of the www.walkingplaces.co.uk portal. Review: pending

Pushchair Walks

Website: www.pushchairwalks.co.uk Synopsis: Looking for family friendly walks suitable for pushchairs – no stiles, no steps? This is probably the best place to start. Review: pending

Walks With Buggies and Walks with Wheelchairs

Websites: www.walkswithbuggies.com & www.walkswithwheelchairs.com Synopsis: These free to use websites have hundred of walks suitable either for buggies or wheelchairs Review: pending

Walking About

Website: www.walkingabout.co.uk Synopsis: a new website with free walking routes mainly located in Yorkshire and the South Pennines illustrated with maps, gpx downloads and good pictures Review: pending

Yorkshire Walks

Website: www.yorkshirewalks.org Synopsis: this website is the brainchild of Frank Firth, a Yorkshireman passionate about walking and his county. There are a lot of walks in Yorkshire and beyond available. Review: pending

And much more to come!

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