Trainspotting Walk along the Worth Valley Railway

Trainspotting? Pardon, je ne comprends pas

The first time I heard the word trainspotting was when I was a teenager back in France thanks to the brilliant Danny Boyle’s film starring Ewan McGregor and Robert Carlyle. At the time most British and American film titles were translated in French and in the process their meaning was lost in translation – I am not even talking about the dreadful dubbing which is another story altogether. This time the title wasn’t translated but my poor comprehension of Shakespeare’s language didn’t help me understand its meaning either. I actually thought it meant being hooked on heroin! Why wasn’t it translated? Or explained in order to avoid confusion? Well you can’t translate it. There aren’t any words in French to explain it and that’s because it’s a complete abstract concept to us. We actually think that only cows are interested in passing trains and we can’t see this as a hobby. Mind you trainspotting is not seen seriously by most of the Brits I know so it kind of reassures me – just in case as a nation we missed something so fundamental. There is also the reason the film was named this way but that’s another matter which I am not planning to talk about.

The Worth Way, A walk along the Worth Valley Railway

On The Worth Way: 2pm train from Oxenhope leaves the station

Anyway you might have guessed that I am not an enthusiast but I must say I have always liked travelling by train. Maybe it’s because I used to have train games as a young kid. So why am I talking about it then? That’s because I was recently looking for a nice long walk in my area and found The Worth Way. This 11 miles circular walk is set nicely in the Worth Valley between Keighley and Oxenhope and passes through Haworth, famously known for being the setting of a lot of the Brontë sisters’ novels. But mostly the walk follows a heritage railway called the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway line (K&WVR) which was made famous for its role in the 1970 film version of Edith Nesbit’s story “The Railway Children”. I coincidently started my walk with the first train leaving Keighley station at 11.00am and the funny thing was that every time I arrived at a station a train was either arriving or leaving! I swear I didn’t do it on purpose but that certainly put a smile on my face. I kind of became a bit exited about it and kept thinking am I going to see a train at the next station? And yes I did! The first leg of the journey goes up the valley from Keighley directly to Oxenhope so you don’t see much of the railway and it’s only on the way back that you really follow the railway line and pass through every single station.

Route details available on other websites: TrailzillaLogo Visit Bradford

The Worth Way - GPX file

GPX file for this circular route starting from Keighley

The Worth Way - KML file

KML file for this circular route starting from Keighley

The Worth Way - MMO File

MMO file for this circular route starting from Keighley

I’ve taken some pictures of this fantastic journey, so have a look if you are interested (be aware there is a lot of steam action!)

Other Heritage Railway Walks in Yorkshire

Then it made me wonder whether there were any other walks like this one in Yorkshire. Well I did a bit of research and thanks to Welcome to Yorkshire I found a list of heritage railways for the county. I have added them on a separate page and added the walks I found (Yorkshire Heritage Railway Walks). However as you will see this is not complete and I would really like some help with that. So please either leave a comment below or on that page if you know a suitable walk.

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