Third time lucky? This time for a charity walk!

That’s it, I’ve signed for it again. This time I cannot fail, no way! I am talking about the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge of course. As you might know I’ve attempted it twice already and unfortunately both times things happened and got in the way. It’s rather irononic that the page receiving the most traffic (more than 3000 visits this May!) on this blog is all about the challenge where I give you all kind of tips on how to succeed at it. How can you really trust this advice from a guy who’s never finished it, you might say? Well it’s kind of become my obsession since and I thought I should share it with others. I know that every year thousands of people do the challenge and there was nothing comprehensive accessible online for free at the time. So I tried my best to rectify this. I believe that walking is by essence a free activity so why should you pay to know how to do it? – after all it’s always about putting one foot after the other 🙂

Ingleborough can be very popular some days!

There are many reasons why people want to do the challenge and most of the time it’s for charity. For my third attempt it will be for the exact same reason.  As a charity walk, the Yorkshire Three Peaks are so popular that sometimes you’ll get many people you know doing it the same year. It’s not a small thing to do though and I respect every single person who signs for it. The total distance to walk is the equivalent of a marathon (around 26 miles), with 2 miles of it spent climbing or descending various terrains. On top of that if you add the Yorkshire Dales varied weather conditions it can be indeed a very difficult challenge for some. 

The charity I chose is called ASSERT and helps support families who have children with the Angelman syndrome. It’s a disease that primarily affects boys and keeps them in a child-like state for the rest of their lives. They need constant assistance which in many cases is done by their parents. It is a very small charity and is my office’s chosen charity of the year. A whole team of 15 enthusiastic colleagues from Search Laboratory have now signed up for it and we hope to raise as much money as possible for them. To be honest these people really need our support. Being a rare disease, very little funding and research is allocated their way and if we can contribute even a small amount they will definitely see the direct benefits.

I hope that like me you can see the difference this action can make for these people and if you feel that you can help, please visit our Just Giving page and donate generously!

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