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Reviews of walking route planner website and walking books

Great Mountain Days in the Pennines

This is a first for me, I will attempt to review a walking book! At the beginning of this summer I was sent a book called “Great Mountain Days in the Pennines” by Terry Marsh. I must say beside the generous offer from the editing company Cicerone, I didn’t know if I would have time to use the book and try a few walks. You might have noticed, I haven’t been really assiduous at writing on this blog lately. It’s a combination of various factors, mainly trying to balance my new working life with my family life. Anyway as this is an exercise I have never done, bear with me and I hope to be as impartial as possible.

South Pennines – Walk Cycle Ride

Review of South Pennines Walk.Cycle.Ride, a regional website where you will find routes for all ages and abilities, from a quiet stroll along the canal towpath, to a strenuous hike in the moors. My mark: 14/20

Review of, a urban planner made for pedestrians that can also create circular walks for you. My mark: 16/20

Walking Britain

Review of Walking Britain, probably one of the oldest walking website containing self-guided walks. My mark: 14.5/20


Review of iFootpath, a walking website containing self-guided walks downloadable to your smartphone. My mark: 15.5/20


Review of Trailzilla, a website built by Memory-Map® on which you can map all sorts of trails (hiking, cycling, sailing, etc.) and which contain self-guided walks . My mark: 18/20


Review of Go4awalk, a walking website containing self-guided walks with some paid for content. My mark: 15.5/20

The Walking Englishman

Review of The Walking Englishman, a walking website containing self-guided walks mainly from one man, Mike Brockhurst. My mark: 15/20


Review of Walk4ife, a walking website containing self-guided walks and giving the opportunity to use 1/25000 O.S. maps to map your own walks for free. My mark: 16.5/20

Walking Route Planner Websites

On this page I will attempt to compare and review as many walking route planner websites as possible which have to contain some self-guided walks located in Yorkshire. There are more and more walking websites out there and it can be really confusing. Can you really trust the information posted? You wouldn’t like to get lost on a walk, would you?