I’m from Yorkshire and The Honorary Yorkshireman

I’ve now lived in Yorkshire for over seven years and can’t believe it’s been that long already! From the start I’ve felt a real connection with this county, something I can’t really describe. Maybe the beauty of the landscape and the generosity of its people has a lot to do with it.

Yorkshire people are proud of their origins

Yorkshire would have ranked 11th in the London Olympic Games of 2012

One thing I came to experience though is how Yorshire people are proud of where they are from. There is nothing wrong with this; I’m proud to be French too and I’m proud to be from northern France in particular. And there is always a bit of friendly banter about this anyway, nothing to do with nationalism. It’s especially true in sport. I remember during the last Olympic Games in London how proud Yorkshire was about its medallists. Team GB had won an historic number of medals and journalists had quickly pointed out that Yorkshire would have ranked 11th on the medal table if it had been allowed to enter! That’s a great reason to be proud of where you are from don’t you think?

I’m from Yorkshire

Well no I’m not. However there is something I really like about Yorkshire people: they recognise when you “belong”. I feel really touched whenever someone says that I am an “Honorary Yorkshireman”. So when the  company called “I’m from Yorkshire” contacted me to review their website and products I was quite honored that they had thought about me. They sell all sort of products branded Yorkshire but also have a great blog updated regularly and telling stories about Yorkshire – of course!

They have customisable T-Shirts and when I saw that, I couldn’t resist to have one made for me: “Honorary Yorkshireman”. As you can see on the picture, it’s got the Yorkshire White Rose on it and I am now very proud to wear it!

Myself wearing the “Honorary Yorkshireman” T-Shirt

They’ve also sent me quite a few other items and tried to get the most out of them in this picture:

The merchandise “I’m from Yorkshire” sent to me
Have a good gander at this Yorkshire dialect poster

Finally there was also a Yorkshire Dialect poster. I’ve been trying to understand most of the expressions but I must say I’m struggling. For the life of me, I don’t know what these mean:

  • Where Ther’s Muck, Ther’s Brass
  • Eh Bah Gum
  • Ey Up Spadge
  • Ecky Thump
  • Putt’ Wood in T’Oil
  • It’ll Be Reft
  • Popped ‘is Cloggs
  • Got any Spice
  • Soft Int’ ‘Ed
  • It’s a Rum Do
  • Was Tha Born In a Barn?
  • Is It Eckers Like

If there was a gentle soul out there to help me figure out what all this mean, I’d really appreciate it. At least I’m not completely clueless and understand some of it. Like “gander” which means “take a look” or “ginnell” which is a narrow alley.

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