Getting ready for my next walking challenge

How will I get ready for this walking challenge?

This month I have finally decided to do it again. I am of course talking about the Three Peaks of Yorkshire walking challenge! This means it will be my third attempt and this time I cannot fail 🙂 So I am getting ready for it and I have already laid out a plan. I have even managed to sway some colleagues at work to follow me on this journey; they have never done it before and they really seem to be committed to it. We have decided that the big day will be during that Bank Holiday weekend in May (25-27). Now I still need to go through some preparation and I thought I would ask you for some tips about training routes and equipment.

About the training routes

I know this challenge requires participants to be physically apt for it – you don’t decide to walk the equivalent of a marathon distance on a whim. So I have laid out a training programme but I am struggling to find some good 20 to 25 mile walks around West-Yorkshire. So any suggestions for some routes would be welcomed – just leave a comment with a link to the walk if you can. If you are interested, here is the training plan:

In February
  • Sunday 3 Feb  –> 6.6 Miles

Hawkswick, Arncliffe and the River Skirfare Done this one already with Onna Walks and it’s what triggered this project.

  • Sunday 17 Feb –> 10 Miles

Harewood, Leeds Country Way, East Keswick and Ebor Way That’s a walk from the Walking Englishman which he added last year at the same period. The walk was really good and we weather was great!

In March
  • Sunday 3rd March –> 11 Miles

The Worth Way (Keighley to Haworth and back) I did this walk last year and I really enjoyed it. And it looks like we are in for a treat that weekend since Keighley and Worth Valley Railway are organising a Winter Steam Gala with trains running all day long.

  • Saturday 16 or Sunday 17 March –> 16 to 20 Miles

Manorlands Meander As for The Worth Way, this is a Long Distance Walk in the BrontĂ« country and we will probably start it from Bingley train station to add a bit more distance to it. Never done it entirely but walked in the area quite a few times. Plus it looks like it’s part of a twin challenge to raise money for the Sue Ryder Manorlands Hospice charity in Oxenhope. I will have to enquire about that.

  • Easter weekend (either 29th, 30th, 31st March or 1st April –> 20 Miles

Dales Way Link (leeds to Ilkley) I have done parts of the Dales Way and it will be nice to do this one. It also uses some of the Ebor Way section when you approach Ilkley and the views are fantastic there over the Wharfe Valley. We might do Ilkley to Leeds actually so we don’t have to worry about catching a train back once we finish.

In April
  • Saturday 13th or Sunday 14th April –> 20 Miles

Any help for this one will be much appreciated

  • Saturday 27th or Sunday 28th April –> 20 Miles

Any help for this one will be much appreciated

In May
  • Saturday 11th or Sunday 12th May –> 25 Miles

Any help for this one will be much appreciated

  • Bank Holiday weekend: Saturday 25th, Sunday 26th or Monday 27th May (Bank Holiday) –> BIG DAY

The Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge I am pretty confident about the itinerary for this one as I have attempted in twice starting from different places – in theory I have walked it completely really

About the equipment

Now I need some help regarding the walking gear I will need for this challenge. This week I actually broke my waterproof jacket’s zip (see picture)! Thankfully I can still use the interior zip but it’s not practical and a bit flimsy. So I definitely need to replace this jacket which I had for almost ten years! It was a great investment and I don’t regret it. I have had a look around online and in shops and at the moment I have my eyes on some of The North Face Jackets on the Costwold Outdoor website. The good news is that they are having some sales on, the bad news is that I don’t really know what to choose. I would be happy to get any opinion on what best replacement for this jacket I should go for considering this challenge.

My old waterproof jacket

Also while I am at it, I think I will change my walking boots too (see picture). I have a pair of Brasher which I bought about four years ago and I just love them. However I am afraid they are getting to the end of the road and I certainly don’t want to have a problem with my shoes while doing the three peaks. I think I am going to go for another pair of Brasher and again I had a look around and found out that Millet Sports had a good range of Brasher. However my current shoes are made of fabric and I was wondering if I should go for leather boots. So what are the pros and cons between fabric tops and leather boots really? Thanks for helping 🙂

My pair of old walking boots

Do you have an opinion on the above? Please share it and leave a reply