A Frenchman in Yorkshire

Entente Cordiale: A red beret on a Yorkshire White Rose

Hi, my name is Cedric Farineau. I am a Frenchman in Yorkshire who’s been living here for a while now and I really love it. Yes, I mean it! Look I even boast the Yorkshire White Rose flag on this blog! Well I still stuck to my roots and added a small beret on top 🙂 Hope you won’t mind – I wouldn’t like to offend anyone here.

A passion for the outdoor

My passion for the Great Outdoors is completely fulfilled in this part of the world. They say Yorkshire is “God’s own county”, well I’m starting to believe in this really! I can’t say that I have been walking everywhere in Yorkshire or been to every single place but everywhere I go, I find something pleasant or someone nice. There is of course the hills, the dales and the moorlands complete with their wilderness where I love to walk to but Yorkshire is also full of historical and industrial heritage, witness of a rich past which make a great day out, worth visiting and walking around. Most of all though are the Yorkshire people. A great bunch I would say! I think it’s a Northern thing.

I am from North of France and people are friendly there too. By the way Yorkshire shares a lot with where I am from. For example Leeds and Bradford are twinned with Lille and Roubaix and all these cities where great textiles centres up until not such a long time ago. I am a beer lover (CAMRA member since 2003) and Yorkshire is a great place to taste some of the best ales in the country, which again relates a lot to North of France a place where there are more breweries than anywhere else in France. I am also a foodie and I must say Yorkshire has a lot to offer when it comes to food, nothing to be ashamed of here!

So I hope you will enjoy this blog. My aim will be to bring genuine and unbiased information on various subjects including walking in this great county of Yorkshire and beyond but you will find more about it in “What is WalkInYorkshire?“.

You can find a bit more about me on my LinkedIn profile or on my other site, franco-brit SEO

In the press

Read the full article “Vive t’ Difference” from the Dalesman

Vive t’ Difference Dalesman, May 2014 issue

I had the chance to be interviewed by Helen Johnson for the Dalesman, a leading Yorkshire regional magazine celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2014. You can see the full content published in the May 2014 edition by clicking on the pdf logo or read a summary on Helen’s blog

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