Yorkshire Food & Ales

Yorkshire is fantastic when it comes to food & ale! Being a fan of beer myself and having discovered real ale when I came to this country 15 years ago, to me it’s definitely a good reason to like this place. Then – probably because I am French – food is really important to me and Yorkshire has really a lot to show in that area. That’s another reason why I am glad to live here.

Some special Yorkshire Ales

Yorkshire has some of the best Ales you can find out there!

Regarding the ales, I must say I am not one of those who go around pubs and mark the beers according to what they taste like. No I just want to have a good time and appreciate my pint without any fuss. If I like it great, if not I won’t buy it any more! Also it’s quite reassuring to know that Yorkshire brewers are among the best in the country. There are many award winners here and most interestingly many of them are trying new innovative ways of brewing, mixing hops varieties from around the world and creating unique new Yorkshire Ales.

Some Yorkshire Food to be proud of

Traditional Yorkshire food is best enjoyed with a pint of ale!

Now for the food, I’ve tried quite a few traditional English restaurants and pubs in Yorkshire and it’s rare to be disappointed. Most of them use local food and that’s always a good sign of quality. There are a lot of original recipes in Yorkshire and the most famous is probably “Yorkshire Pudding”. However is it really a local thing? I think it’s so popular that it’s beyond the Yorkshire boundary – a bit like brioche, it’s definitely not a Parisian thing! But I’ve discovered other local products worth talking about such as Yorkshire Parkin, which is perfect with a nice cup of Yorkshire Tea. And there is cheese too! Wensleydale, Fettle, Yorkshire Blue just to start with. Lovely on a selection of crackers or with some fresh bread. Not to forget the seaside too! A stay in Whitby will get you the best Fish & Chips in England! Bridlington and Scarborough are famous for their crab. Mind you, it’s not the only thing and the seafood on the coast is so great and fresh.  Finally, locally reared and free range animals are quite easy to find in Yorkshire and add to the overall food quality – if you see lamb shank from the Yorkshire Dales on the menu, you know it’s going to be a real treat! So after all, Yorkshire is really a great place for food lovers!

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